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What to do if the landlord doesn’t have PAN

What to do if the landlord does not have PAN?

As per circular (Circular no. 08/2013, dated October 10, 2013) issued by CBDT, it is mandatory for the employee to provide the landlord’s Permanent Account Number (PAN) to the employer for claiming HRA exemption. However, this circular is not applicable if rent paid doesn’t exceeds Rs.8,333 per month.

In case a landlord doesn’t have a PAN, then the employee has to file a declaration declaring the landlord’s details i.e., name and address. This declaration has to be signed by the landlord.

What needs to be done in case the landlord doesn’t provide the PAN and is reluctant to provide the PAN details?

Importantly, it is a big problem for the employee if the landlord doesn’t provide the PAN details. It means either the employee has to forgo HRA exemption has to find a new house from where he gets all the required details (PAN or its details).

However, the best option is to provide PAN or landlord’s declaration if the landlord does not have PAN.

Read Full Article “PAN required if annual rent paid exceeds Rs.100,000“. Check the law post Circular No. 08/2013.

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